KANSAS CITY, Mo. }), Your email address will not be published. Hill cant say he has Ross beat for the fastest time in NFL history, but hes pretty darn close. Just look at John Ross. So when it comes to proving who the fastest player is between the white lines, which is all that matters, Hill tops the list, and he spoke after the game about the return that showed his "Cheetah-like" abilities. The browser you are using is no longer supported on this site. Who was the fastest WR in the 2022 NFL draft? How fast is tyreek Hill's 40 yard? It was only topped by Hill himself. Etienne is fast fast His 588 receiving yards were the most of any back in the country this year. "He has more on his plate but he's handled it really well. Henry, who has eclipsed 100 yards in five straight games and has scored 10 TDs over that span, rushed for a 76-yard touchdown against the Bills and hit a top speed of 21.8 miles per hour during his run, the fastest speed for any ballcarrier in the NFL this season (including Kansas City speedster Tyreek Hill). Cooper Kupp ran a 4.62 40-yard dash in the 2018 NFL season. General fitness is not what gives him his power, you could be out of condition as shit and still have a 40+ vertical, general condition is for building a base that prevents injuries as well as builds a greater potential peak explosive condition. The NFL Combine record for the 40 is held by Cincinnati Bengals' 2018 first-round pick, John Ross, who clocked in at 4.22 seconds. He was clocked at 21.91 miles per hour during his fastest run this season. Despite all of that Tyreek Hill speed, he's not as fast as a cheetah. In the 2016 season, Hill notched the fastest speed NGS has recorded for a ballcarrier when he hit 23.24 mph on a kickoff return. They need to. His career-long run from scrimmage was a 50-yard rush in Week 4. That return was one of three times Hill found the end zone on Sunday, and each came in a different way. 5. That is sick speed. Others in this thread compared him to Coleman, which I think is an apt comparison, however Tyreek has a lower center of mass than Coleman which allows him to excell in change of direction situations that happen on a football field, Thanks Coach. He ran a 20.15 ish in high school with shitty form so hes more than capable of maintaining top speed. **It was one of the most important throws of the season from Smith, as without thinking twice, he threw in the direction of the rookie. Kansas City Chiefs would draft Hill with their 165th pick in the fifth-round of the 2016 NFL Draft. For context, if Hill had recorded that time in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, he wouldve come in sixth place, just 0.36 seconds behind Usain Bolts winning pace. no pregnant women is going to outrun that, no matter how scared she is. He was taking bubble screens to the house in seven-on-seven, you're not even allowed to block in seven-on-seven. GOING, GOING, GONE. Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill takes swing pass from quarterback Skylar Thompson for 13 yards down the sideline. Tyreek Hill didnt inherit the nickname Cheetah by accident. It took 2 hours, 19 minutes for the Miami Marlins to beat the Houston Astros 4-3 in a spring training game Monday - a game so fast that Ryan Murphy, a lifelong Houston fan, found himself lingering . Hill would have NFL scouts scratching their heads trying to figure out how he did not attend a top university to play football. Oh thats right He can run fast and Andy Reid is the coach who will take anyone. Here's everything you need to know about just how fast Hill is compared to other NFL players, along with whether he's actually any match for a cheetah in a race. Tyreek Hill is one of the fastest running backs in the NFL and has been compared to other legendary runners like Walter Payton and Jim Brown. How fast does a player run in pads with guys chasing him down with the ball in his hands? Abigail Angorkor Adjei. What was Tyreek Hills 40 yard dash time? Sanders played in Super Bowls XXX and XXIX. Seahawks WR DK Metcalf made a tremendous play showcasing blazing speed, chasing down an interception return from behind. The fastest speed reached by a player not named Tyreek Hill was achieved by Washington receiver DeSean Jackson, who topped out at 22.6 miles an hour on a 59-yard catch in Week 13. "I was just looking at 36 [Broncos Cornerback Kayvon Webster] because he's a playmaker," Hill explained. How To Measure Exit Velocity With Radar Gun? It's part of the reason that the 5-10 wide receiver has exceeded all expectations to become one of the top wideouts in the NFL for the Kansas City Chiefs. Hill's 2016 rookie season was the first year that Next Gen Stats tracked ball-carrier speeds publicly. 40 yd head start @cheetah to run in full pads. Tyreek Hill Ran 22 64 Mph Ran Straight Past Teammate Damien Williams On His Td Run Video . Next, he's also on the juice, and that helps someone get from a 4.4 to 4.2 (why wouldn't any athlete invest in a few hundred dollars for healthy kinds of fruit juices) to basically guarantee their power output in a sport with non existent te*t**g? In 2013, John Ross ran the 40-yard dash in 4.22 seconds at the NFL Combine. Teams are going to have to double this guy and try to take him out of the game.. TRACK MEET! In 2016, Hill ran a blistering 4.29 40-yard dash at West Alabamas Pro Day. Here is how Tyreek Hill stood out at his College Pro Day. Have a few questions: what is good quadriceps tendon ratios, and what are good excercises for it? He ran a 4.24 at his pro day. Yes, the Raiders prefer to grown their own. And of course he has lower centre of mass from training for agility in football, which is not sprint related (Coleman). However acceleration in field sports is more important, but in 100m you need to save power. He was named the NFLs Defensive Player of the Year in both seasons. . The Broncos brought a blitz with one of the most physical safeties in the league, T.J. Ward, and Smith stepped into the throw staring down the barrel of Ward coming free off the edge, and Smith hit Hill in stride. One drill stood out more than the rest and that was Tyreek Hill's 40-yard dash time and speed. Bolt is also running on a hard surface in running shoes. Would love your thoughts, please comment. In addition, Hill had two of the top-10 ball carrier speeds in 2018 (21.95 mph and 21.78 mph), two top-10 speeds in 2017 (21.64 and 21.35) and the top two speeds in 2016. Usain Bolt has set a new world record in the 40-meter dash, running a time of 4.22 seconds. Over the last three seasons, Hill has led the NFL in yards per touch in two of them. The fastest time recorded last year was Hill at . Typically, on these 90-plus-yard touchdowns, the scoring player is the first one to reach the end zone the defensive players all give up the chase, and the teammates are just watching and celebrating from behind the play. His stride length was also huge. If he had been carrying the ball at that speed, it would've been the fastest speed recorded for a ball carrier in 2019. It's not truly a fair representation of a player's "game speed," which is the only thing that really matters. Wonder what his hand speed was when he beat his pregnant girlfriend? The latter was the fastest time recorded by any player since the 2018 season. But Waddle is one of the most dynamic playmakers of the last 10 drafts. "I really don't know what to say, but it feels good. It should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, but Tyreek Hill is extremely fast. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 100 yards (2.1 seconds). To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. Makes sense. However, Miller's best times were 10.53s in the 100M and 21.25s for the 200M. How fast is Tyreek Hill compared to Usain Bolt? If youre looking for an athlete who epitomizes all that is physical in professional sports, look no further thanAaron Donald. Hill's recorded speed on that play, according to Next Gen Stats, was 22.6 miles per hour. In just 4.24 seconds, Tyreek Hill ran the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis on Feb. 28th and set a new record. The Jamaican sprint superstar said that he ran a 4.22 (40-yard dash) in my sweats and some shoes. This astonishing feat makes him the first person to break the four-second barrier in this event, which was last accomplished by American Michael Johnson back in 1999. #ChiefsKingdom pic.twitter.com/v6Tra300FK. raidernation210 says: Weve seen how Hill can embarrass some of the worlds best athletes on a football field with ease, but just how fast is the Chiefs speedster, and what is his best 40-yard dash time? What makes Tyreek Hill run so fast? Hill sustained a speed of at least 21.46 MPH for 4 seconds, the fastest sustained speed for 4s by any player on a play since 2018.#MINvsKC | #ChiefsKingdom pic.twitter.com/Gk1xg9UasA, Next Gen Stats (@NextGenStats) November 3, 2019. He is incredible both over short and long distances e.g 40 yard dash time is 4.25 and he can accelerate to top speed over 10-20 metres. Hill ran a 4.29 second 40-yard dash at his Pro Day. Interestingly enough, despite being known for his sprinting ability, Bolt also has some impressive endurance: He completed the race in just over two minutes and 43 seconds which is almost double the time it takes most humans to finish. Because of their lack of stamina, lions can only reach top speeds in short bursts. In 2016, Hill didn't participate in the NFL Combine due to a domestic violence arrest. Hill reached a top speed of 23.24 miles per hour on a Week Two kickoff return that he ran back 105 yards, only to have it called back by a holding penalty. The final player involved in this race is none other than Giants QB Daniel Jones, who had a breakaway play in Week 7 but got tackled by the turf monster . Tyreek Hill, WR. Im not going to say genetics are what solely make him as good as he is but it does give him a head start and a greater potential than a lot of the population, if youre interested in developing similar acceleration patterns to field athletes, getting up to as high of a speed as you can as fast as possible, look into heavier resisted runs, spellman performance has found that a 50% reduction in maximal speed is where the optimal weight for building acceleration power is the best. Hill had five gains of 10 yards or longer on those short passes, topped by a pick-up of 12 yards against the L.A. Chargers in Week 16 after he caught a pass at the line of scrimmage. Aaron Donald is the strongest man in the NFL as he has shown throughout his career. Or world class speed and does not place at most Division 1 track meets. Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill looks like the fastest player in the NFL, and the numbers prove it to be true. Running the bases, Cruz was running 31.5 feet per second on Monday, that's faster than Hill's fastest spring speed all of 2021. That was the only time all season any player reached 23 mph. With just three games remaining this season, dont be surprised if he continues to put up impressive numbers especially at his current pace. On Sunday against the Denver Broncos, the Kansas City Chiefs' rookie fifth-round pick, Tyreek Hill, who reportedly ran a 4.24 40-yard dash at his pro day last Spring, hit a top speed of 22.77 miles per hour during his 86-yard touchdown return midway through the second quarter. Sure, Bolt would beat him hands down. They make up for it by signing every other scumbag reject they can, though, so it all works out. I was wondering if it was good but it doesnt work in Germany yet, Hes more 58. Last season, fellow Chiefs wide receiver Mecole Hardman clocked 21.52 mph during an NFL game, while Tyreek . "Cheetah" reached 23.24 mph on a kickoff return against the Texans during his rookie season. The best part is that you can make one yourself or purchase one already made. e.addEventListener('click', ()=>{ Copyright 2023 Endgame360 Inc. All Rights Reserved. Has a jug gun ever been put on Bolt? He even has a kick return touchdown and four punt return touchdowns on his resume. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. He might even manage another world record one day. Williams had a massive head start and had an opportunity to reach top speed, but Hill still managed to catch up with him. During the 2020 NFL Season, defensive coordinators tried to match Tyreek Hill's speed but failed 85% of the time. I set it up towards him and then broke right. He is currently ranked as the number one running back in the NFL according to ESPN, proving his worth on the field. TOUCHDOWN#Chiefs: 21#Dolphins: 10 Will take these tips to the field . In 2019, Damien Williams ran for a 91-yard touchdown for the Chiefs. All you need is a piece of sturdy cardboard, some tape, and a hole saw. His speed also allowed him to take catches at the line of scrimmage for 6. The fastest defensive play was made by Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes, who reached 22.4 miles an hour on a 100-yard interception return touchdown in Week 11. Jan 26, 2017 4:33 PM, Outside of Aldon Smith, name another player with a bad back ground the raiders have signed or drafted since Reggie has been on board? Tyreek Hill is a speedy wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs and ran 21.91 mph during their Week 14 game against the Indianapolis Colts. Valdes-Scantling's top speed in 2021 was also faster than any speed recorded by Tyreek Hill that season. He is the greatest deep threat of all-time and the only one who can be in the conversation with Jerry Rice for best Wide Receiver ever. If you havent had the pleasure of watching Tyreek Hill jog past the NFLs best defensive backs on a weekly basis, do yourself a favor and check out his highlights on YouTube. If the NFL really wants to protect the shield this guy wouldnt be in the league. That was the only time all season any . Arm Length: 30+12 inches (0.77 m) Hand Span: 8 in (0.20 m) Distinctive Features: Muscular . MORE: Who is the fastest player in the NFL? I've heard and seen of T.Hill's insane speed, vertical and strength. Usain has beat the fastest sprinters in the world over 12 years. Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis Colts RB: 22.05 mph (Week 17) Tyreek Hill, Kansas City Chiefs WR: 21.91 mph (Week 14) Radar guns are a great way to measure the speed of objects in the air. He leads the Chiefs with five touchdowns receiving and ranks second on the team with 45 receptions (Travis Kelce, 57). Hill reached a top speed of 23.24 miles per hour on a Week Two kickoff return that he ran back 105 yards, only to have it called back by a holding penalty. Not many players can overshadow a person who takes a handoff 91-yards to the house. raidernation210 says: Next Gen Stats recorded that Hill's top speed on that play was 22.6 MPH, the fastest mark set in his career. who posted top speeds of 23.09 mph and 22.73 mph. Ive heard and seen of T.Hills insane speed, vertical and strength. Randy Moss 40 time: 4.25 hand timed Randy Moss was more of a long strider. But Bolt doesnt have to wear pads and have people trying to tackle him. Combine that with great genetics, hard work, great coaching, and good supplements and you get that kind of athleticism. Hills time is the fourth-fastest ever recorded during pre-draft workouts. He is now just one of four players to break the 4.3 second barrier in the 40-yard dash and join elite company which includes Randy Moss, Emmitt Smith, and LaDainian Tomlinson With his blazing speed, its no wonder that many teams are interested in signing him as an undrafted free agent this year Want to see what he can do? What is tyreek Hill Top speed mph? Generally speaking, a 4.5 time for the 40 yard dash is really fast for a non-track high school athlete. Impressive. But there is no video so no one cares. His speed is just ? However, due to his numerous missteps throughout his collegiate career, we never got to officially put Hills speed down on paper against the NFLs other elite speedsters. Let's say he'd be able to take that 22.6 mph pace . Then, what was tyreek Hill's 40 yard dash time? That was a faster time than any of the 2016 NFL Combine participants. There's always so much made about a player's 40-yard dash time. Please check your email for a confirmation. He has great genes for explosive power , such as optimal Achilles tendon and quadriceps tendon ratios, more white fast twitch muscles, and ideal muscle insertions. }) Come on man, dont take the fun out of this. Your article diminishes Bolts Superhuman accomplishments. I don't watch much football so I never paid attention to his shin/ leg length. thegreatgabbert says: What are good leverages, and motor skills, and what excercises should you do to train them (motor skills,leverages). For the record, Waddle reportedly covered 40 . Makes sense. "It's exciting to see him progress and now everyone knows who he is. Heres what Hills teammate Sammy Watkins had to say about Hill and his blazing speed. The average walking speed of a human is 3 to 4 . The Chiefs returner/receiver had the two fastest recorded times in the NFL this season with DeSean Jackson coming in third. Tyreek was the only one catching Damien Williams on this 91-yard TD Hill also had the second-fastest run of the season, an 86-yard touchdown return in Week 12. Not a member? Your email address will not be published. this is a hi-lo concept that the dolphins should attack with hill up the sideline because of how dangerous he is in one-on-one situations. If they bring back the Pro Bowls fastest man, I wouldnt mind going every year just so I can prove a point to all these wanna-be fast guys.. Tyreek hill went to Oklahoma State University. "So the return was away from him. His 40 yard dash time was pretty fast according to ESPN ranking him as the number one running back in the NFL. On an 86-yard kickoff return touchdown, Hill reached a top speed of 22.77 miles per hour, good for second that season. Tyreek Hill hit 22.77 mph during this return, the fastest speed of . How fast is Tyreek Hill? Not to . The fastest speed Hill has ever recorded in the NGS era -- 22.81 mph running down the field on a Damien Williams 84-yard touchdown run in Week 17 of last season -- ranks as the second-fastest speed by any player on any play since 2018, behind only 49ers running back Raheem Mostert, who reached 23.09 mph on an 80-yard . The Chiefs would be impressed by the speed and skill set that Tyreek Hill had at his college pro day. It was like everyone else, they were standing still. I'm going to make the play. Its sad all teams dont do this but when you havent a super bowl since 1969 you will do whatever it takes i guess 6'4" and ran a 4.25 at the combine. The poster was just curious if Bolt had a recorded mph speed. In a league where the worlds most elite of talents are scattered throughout the NFLs 32 NFL teams, Hill can be found on Sundays outrunning them with ease time and time again on his way to paydirt. "I just go out there and play," Hill said after the game. As for the top speed in a game, Raheem Mostert hit 23.09 MPH on an 80-yard rushing touchdown during Week 2. Lions can run 50 mph These awesome cats can run as fast as 50 mph and leap up to 36 feet. Stroud showed love to Justin Fields when explaining why he doesn't the Bears to draft him: 'That's his team', 2023 NFL Combine Winners Day 2: It's (another) bumper crop of cornerback talent, LaDainian Tomlinson's nephew going through drills at the combine is sure to make you feel old, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill are the first set of teammates to have 100 Rec yds in the same game in a single postseason pic.twitter.com/Jj51bH2ViO. That is till. Tyreek Hill/40 yard dash time, 4.25seconds Its sad all teams dont do this but when you havent a super bowl since 1969 you will do whatever it takes i guess. Or at least, he did at first. Actually, it is not as fast as has been imagined but only seems so because weaker opponents have tailed off. While Hill wasnt clocked in the 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine, he did, however, partake in the University of West Alabamas Pro Day. On a 44-yard yard receiving touchdown in Week 14, Hill topped out at 21.91 miles per hour. Despite wobbling gait, he is now traveling 26.9 mph, probably the highest speed ever attained in the 100. What is the fastest 40 yard dash in the NFL? Perhaps the two biggest plays of Hill's young career came in succession at the end of regulation of Sunday's game. DraftScout also shows Hill posting a low-time of 4.25 seconds at some . #TouchdownTuesday #KCvsATL pic.twitter.com/GQ5SJW8l6O. (shown by backflip celebration) Or is it his general fitness and vertical that give him that explosiveness? Hill has proven to be more than just a speedy returner this season. Tyreek Hills 40 yard dash time is 4.24 seconds. Other players who come close to being on top of this list are J.J Watt and Ndamukong Suh, but Aaron Donald definitely stands out from the rest. No information is available for this minu. There is no definitive answer to this question as the fastest 40-yard dash time may vary depending on a players speed, technique and other factors. While Hills 40-yard dash time is phenomenal, his in-game speed is on another level. Hill would host NFL scouts for his pro day. But unlike other downfield burners in the league, Cheetah produces at an elite level even with double teams and safety help shadowing him the entire game. He was then drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2016 NFL Draft. Just a play later, Hill would catch a 3-yard touchdown from Smith, which set up the game-tying two-point conversion. Waddle and his teammate Tyreek Hill are so fast, they make the Dolphins one of the most electric offenses in the league. Hes recorded 5,391 receiving yards, 623 rushing yards, and 53 total touchdowns in 74 regular-season games. Throwback to 2016, when Tyreek Hill hit 23.24 MPH on a kickoff return touchdown, the fastest ball carrier speed ever recorded by @NextGenStats shame it didnt count pic.twitter.com/34Fz5QqmeY.

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