Customer Service Agents are available to answer questions at this toll-free number: Phone: 800-688-6696. Please Correct and Resubmit. CPT Code And Service Date For Member Is Identical To Another Claim Detail On File For Provider On Claim. Homecare Services W/o PA Are Not Payable When Prior Authorized Homecare Services have Been Provided To The Same Member. Member is not enrolled in /BadgerCare Plus for the Date(s) of Service. Reimbursement Is Limited To The Average Monthly Nursing Home Cost And Services Above That Amount Are Considered Non-covered Services. Other payer patient responsibility grouping submitted incorrectly. is unable to is process this claim at this time. Claim Submitted To Good Faith Without Proper Documentation. Medicare Part A Services Must Be Resubmitted. Serviced Denied. One or more Diagnosis Code(s) is invalid in positions 10 through 25. The Rendering Providers taxonomy code in the header is not valid. Claim Reduced Due To Member/participant Deductible. Pap Smears, Hematocrit, Urinalysis Are Not Reimbursable Separately In Conjunction With Family Planning Medical Visits. Other Insurance Or Medicare Response Not Received Within 120 Days For ProviderBased Bill. AODA Day Treatment Is Not A Covered Service For Members Who Are Residents Of Nursing Homes or Who Are Hospital Inpatients. Provider is not eligible for reimbursement for this service. DME rental is limited to 90 days without Prior Authorization. Vision Diagnostic Services Limited To 1 Of These: Vision Exam, Diagnostic Review, Supplemental Test Or Contact Lens Therapy. Cannot Be Reprocessed Unless There Is Change In Eligibility Status. Partial Payment Withheld Due To Previous Overpayment. This Report Was Mailed To You Separately. In the above example the claim was denied with two codes, the Adjustment Reason Code of 16 and then the explanatory Remark Code of N329 (Missing/incomplete/invalid patient birth date). All services should be coordinated with the Inpatient Hospital provider. For additional information on HIPAA EOB codes, visit the Code List section of the WPC website at Secondary Diagnosis Code (dx) is not on file. The Member Is School-age And Services Must Be Provided In The Public Schools. Prosthodontic Services Appear To Have Started After Member EligibilityLapsed. The Members Clinical Profile/diagnosis Is Not Within Diagnostic Limitations for Psychotherapy Services. This service or a related service performed on this date has already been billed by another provider and paid. The sum of the Accommodation Days is not equal to the sum of Covered plus Non-Covered Days, or the From and To Dates of Service cannot be the same. Reimbursement limits for Community Care Services for the calendar year are close to being exceeded. Patient Status Code is incorrect for Long Term Care claims. Do Not Submit Claims With Zero Or Negative Net Billed. You Received A PaymentThat Should Have gone To Another Provider. Request Denied. Payment has been reduced or denied because the maximum allowance of this ESRD service has been reached. Billing Provider Name Does Not Match The Billing Provider Number. Transplant services not payable without a transplant aquisition revenue code. and other medical information at your current address. -OR- The claim contains value code 49but does not contain revenue code 0636 and HCPCS Q4054. Once Therapy Is Prior Authorized, All Therapy Must Be Billed With A Valid Prior Authorization Number. Please watch for periodic updates. A Second Occurrence Code Date is required. These materials include the HPMS memorandum titled, "Updates Regarding Final Part C EOB Model Templates and Implementation of the Part C EOB," the final templates and instructions, and Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Part C EOB requirements for Medicare Advantage . Denied. Benefit code These codes are submitted by the provider to identify state programs. Real time pharmacy claims require the use of the NCPDP Plan ID. Valid NCPDP Other Payer Reject Code(s) required. A claim cannot contain only Not Otherwise Specified (NOS) Surgical Procedure Codes. The Member Is Also Involved In A Structured Living And/or Working Arrangement.A Reduction In Day Treatment Hours Is Indicated. Denied due to Discharge Diagnosis 1 Missing Or Invalid, Denied due to Diagnosis Pointer To Diagnosis Code 1 Invalid, Denied due to Diagnosis Pointer To Diagnosis Code 2 Invalid, Denied due to Diagnosis Pointer To Diagnosis Code 3 Invalid, Denied due to Diagnosis Pointer To Diagnosis Code 4 Invalid, Denied due to Diagnosis Pointer To Diagnosis Code 5 Invalid, Denied due to Diagnosis Pointer(s) Are Invalid. Correct Claim Or Resubmit With X-ray. Speech Therapy Is Not Warranted. Provider Not Authorized To Perform Procedure. Pricing Adjustment/ Spenddown deductible applied. Please Reference Payment Report Mailed Separately. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. The taxonomy code for the attending provider is missing or invalid. Billing Provider Type and Specialty is not allowable for the Place of Service. The Procedure Code has Diagnosis restrictions. If required information is not received within 60 days, the claim will be. Abortion Dx Code Inappropriate To This Procedure. trevor lawrence 225 bench press; new internal . Dispense Date Of Service(DOS) is required. Timeframe Between The CNAs Training Date And Test Date Exceeds 365 Days. Due To Miscellaneous Or Unspecified Reason, Adjustment/Resubmission was initiated by Provider, Adjustment/Resubmission was initiated by DHS, Adjustment/Resubmission was initiated by EDS, Adjustment Generated Due To Change In Patient Liability, Payout Processed Due To Disproportionate Share. Phone: 800-723-4337. Lenses Only Are Approved; Please Dispense A Contracted Frame. Two Informational Modifiers Required When Billing This Procedure Code. Once you register and have access to the provider portal, you will find a variety of video training available in the Resources section of the portal. Denied. The Second Occurrence Code Date is invalid. Learn more about Ezoic here. Please Resubmit. Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy Or Speech Therapy Limited To 90 Min PerDay. Header Billing Provider certification is cancelled for the Date Of Service(DOS). The sum of all Value Code amounts must be numeric and less than or equal to 999.999.999. Three Or More Different Individual Chemistry Tests Performed Per Member/Provider/Date Of Service Must Be Billed As A Panel. Dispense as Written indicator is not accepted by . Claim Is Being Special Handled, No Action On Your Part Required. Please Submit Charges Minus Credit/discount. If you haven't created an account yet, register now. Discharge Diagnosis 2 Is Not Applicable To Members Sex. The Date Of The Screening Request Or The Date Of Screening Is Invalid Or Missing. Claim Paid Under DRG Reimbursement, Except For Transplants Billed Using Suffixes 05 Through 09. Hospital And Nursing Home Stays Are Not Payable For The Same DOS Unless The Nursing Home Claim Indicated Hospital Bedhold Days. If it is medically necessary to exceed the limitation, submit an Adjustment/Reconsideration request with supporting documentation. As a provider, you have access to a portal that streamlines your work, keeps you up-to-date more than ever before and provides critical information. Claim Denied. Member Has Already Been Granted Actute Episode for 3 Months In This Cal Yr. Reimb Is Limited To Average Monthy NH Cost And Services Above That Are Consider Non-covered Services. . The training Completion Date On This Request Is After The CNAs CertificationTest Date. Continuous home care must be billed in an hourly quantity equal to or greater than eight hours, up to and including 24 hours. Pricing Adjustment/ Payment amount decreased based on Pay for Performance policies. Continuous home care and routine home care may not be billed for the same member on the same Date Of Service(DOS). Modifier Submitted Is Invalid For The Member Age. The revenue code has Family Planning restrictions. The National Drug Code (NDC) has a quantity restriction. Date Of Service/procedure/charges On Medicare EOMB Do Not Match The Original Claim. Resubmit Claim With Corrected Tooth Number/letter Or With X-ray Documenting Tooth Placement. Prescriber ID Qualifier must equal 01. Type of Bill indicates services not reimbursable or frequency indicated is notvalid for the claim type. The Maximum Prior Authorized Service Limitation Or Frequency Allowance Has Been Exceeded. 10 Important Billing Tips for FQHC and RHC Providers. Claim Denied The Combined Medicare And Private Insurance Payments Equal Or Exceed The Lesser Of The And Medicare Allowable Amounts. Header To Date Of Service(DOS) is required. OA 14 The date of birth follows the date of service. Six hour limitation on evaluation/assessment services in a 2 year period has been exceeded. One or more Diagnosis Code(s) is not payable for the Date Of Service(DOS). The second occurrence span from Date Of Service(DOS) is after to to Date Of Service(DOS). This Payment Is A Refund For An Overpayment Of A Provider Assessment, Thank You For Your Assessment Payment By Check, In Accordance With Your Request, EDS Has Deducted Your Assessment From This Payment. Member does not meet the age restriction for this Procedure Code. Please watch future remittance advice. Request was not submitted Within A Year Of The CNAs Hire Date. NFs Eligibility For Reimbursement Has Expired. Department of Health Services (DHS) Authorized Payment Is Being Withheld Due toan Audit. Service Denied, refer to Medicares Billing and/or Policy Guidelines. Accident Related Service(s) Are Not Covered By WCDP. The Maximum limitation for dosages of EPO is 500,000 UIs (value code 68) per month and the maximum limitation for dosages of ARANESP is 1500 MCG (1 unit=1 MCG) per month. Please Review All Provider Handbook For Allowable Exception. Denied/Cutback. Claim Explanation Codes. Denied/Cutback. This Member Has A Current Approved Authorization For Intensive AODA OutpatientServices. Please Itemize Services Including Date And Charges For Each Procedure Performed. X-rays and some lab tests are not billable on a 72X claim. Services For Members With Medical Status Code TR, SH, SJ, TS Or ST NotAllowed For Your Provider Type, Or For Your Provider Type without a TB Diagnosis. This claim has been adjusted because a service on this claim is not payable inconjunction with a separate paid service on the same Date Of Service(DOS) due to National Correct Coding Initiative. This member is eligible for Medication Therapy Management services. Outpatient Services To Be Billed As Inpatient Ancillaries When Same Day Stay Occurs Please File An Adjustment/reconsideration Request To Correct Inpatiet Billing. The Modifier For The Proc Code Is Invalid. Pricing Adjustment/ SeniorCare claim cutback because of Patient Liability and/or other insurace paid amounts. A National Provider Identifier (NPI) is required for the Billing Provider. Fifth Other Surgical Code Date is invalid. More Than 5 Consecutive Calendar Days Of Continuous Care Are Not Payable. Good Faith Claim Denied. Reconsideration With Documentation Warranting More X-rays. 0001 01/01/1900 NOT USED - MEMBER'S DMAP I.D. Bilateral Surgeries Reimbursed At 150% Of The Unilateral Rate. Find top links about Wellcare Cvs Caremark Login along with social links, FAQs, and more. Per Information From Insurer, Claims(s) Was (were) Paid. The Materials/services Requested Are Principally Cosmetic In Nature. Unable To Process Your Adjustment Request due to. $150.00 Reimbursement Limit Has Been Reached For Individual And Group Pncc Health Education/nutritional Counseling. Claim paid according to Medicares reimbursement methodology. External Cause Diagnosis May Not Be The Single Or Primary Diagnosis. Referring Provider ID is not required for this service. Please Resubmit Medicares Nursing Home Coinsurance Days As A New Claim RatherThan An Adjustment/reconsideration Request. Complete Refusal Detail Is Not Payable Without Referral/treatment Details. Claim Number Given Is Not The Most Recent Number. Only Medicare Crossover claims are reimbursed for coinsurance, copayment, and deductible. Claim contains duplicate segments for Present on Admission (POA) indicator. Please Resubmit With The Costs For Sterilization Related Charges Identified As Non-covered Charges On The Claim. Based on reimbursement guidelines it is not appropriate for providers to bill inpatient Evaluation and Management (E/M) services while the patient is in an observation status. 100 Days Supply Opportunity. Additional services mustbe billed as treatment services and count towards the Mental Health and/or substance abuse treatment policy for prior authorization. The Revenue Code is not payable by Wisconsin Well Woman Program for the Date(s) of Service. Invalid Provider Type To Claim Type/Electronic Transaction. Details Include Revenue/surgical/HCPCS/CPT Codes. This service is not payable with another service on the same Date Of Service(DOS) due to National Correct Coding Initiative. Please Clarify Services Rendered/provide A Complete Description Of Service. Services billed are included in the nursing home rate structure. Ongoing assessment is not reimbursable when skilled nursing visits have been performed within the past sixty days. Medicare RA/EOMB And Claim Dates And/or Charges Do Not Match. Out of State Billing Provider not certified on the Dispense Date. Denied. Please Correct And Resubmit. Referring Provider ID is invalid. For more information on which codes are considered "Mutually Exclusive", see the "ICD-10 2019 The Complete Official Codebook. There are approximately 20 Medicaid Explanation Codes which map to Denial Code 16. The revenue accomodation billing code on the claim does not match the revenue accomodation billing code on the member file or does not match for these dates of service. The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) also indicates that it is not appropriate to perform screening with advanced imaging for syncope patients, however be guided by the patients history and physical exam findings. Member is not enrolled for the detail Date(s) of Service. Urinalysis And X-rays Are Reimbursed Only When Performed In Conjunction With An Initial Office Visit On Same Date Of Service(DOS). This Claim HasBeen Manually Priced Using The Medicare Coinsurance, Deductible, And Psyche RedUction Amounts As Basis For Reimbursement. This Procedure, When Billed With Modifier HK, Is Payable Only If The Member Is Under The Age Of 19. Services not allowed for your Provider Type or for your Provider Type without a TB diagnosis. Service Denied. An antipsychotic drug has recently been dispensed for this member. Out Of State Billing Provider Not Enrolled For Entire Detail DOS Span. Claims may deny when reported with incompatible ICD-10-CM Laterality policy for Diagnosis-to-Modifier comparison. Please Refer To The Original R&S. Denied due to Detail Dates Are Not Within Statement Covered Period. Reimbursement determination has been made under DRG 981, 982, or 983. Surgical Procedure Code billed is not appropriate for members gender. Home Health Services In Excess Of 60 Visits Per Calendar Month Per Member Required Prior Authorization. Value codes 48 Homoglobin Reading and 49 Hematocrit Reading, must have a zero in the far right position. Allowed Amount On Detail Paid By WWWP. Pricing Adjustment/ Level of effort dispensing fee applied. For over 40 years, Washington Publishing Company (WPC) has specialized in managing and distributing data integration information through publications, training, and consulting services.

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